Interview With Sandra Kathe

What drew you to the project A Story and a Picture that made you want to translate it?
I heard about C.D. Hermelin when someone shared a movie documentary on his other storytelling project „The Roving Typist“ on Facebook. That movie really made me want to read his work, so I did some research online and came across „A Story and a Picture“. I read a few of his stories and really liked them. Back then I was just starting my life as a freelance translator and journalist here in Germany and wanted to focus on literature translation. But with hardly any references and experience editors aren’t gonna give you translation jobs over here. And that’s what gave me the idea to ask Christopher whether he’d allow me to translate his work on the project which he kindly allowed. This gives me the chance to gain experience doing what I really like and at the same time translate something that in my opinion is really worth reading. I don’t do this because I have to or because I get paid for it, but as a free time activity. Just because I like stories and want to contribute that more and more people will be able to read them. Continue reading